Why Intercorp Holdings?

Excellence Is A Continuous Process

For over a decade we’ve been using premium technologies and systems to create the most innovative windows and doors.

We establish high standards and aim to unconditionally exceed the industry’s restrictions.


That’s why Intercorp Holdings is among the most sought-after suppliers by home-owners and property developers.


Each product improves and strengthens the architectural style of the building, guaranteeing an increase in value.

Tamplarie PVC Ferestre si Usi

How Do We Establish Our Prices?

We apply a strategy of excellence, and our sales is directed towards value. 


We focus on emotionally engaging with each client by successfully delivering each project and adding value to your property.

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Why don't we publish the prices of the products we offer? 

Do you know the cost of an elephant? How can you not? It's about 3 years old and weighs around 2.5 tons. 

Don't worry! Neither do we! 

However, nothing is surprising, because the brain can't find a price reference point to estimate a cost in this case.

This means that a company cannot operate in complete isolation from the market, but rather needs to make decisions depending on the level of request and the exisiting market metrics.

Prospects always compare price offers with the rest of the significant alternatives on the market. However, many factors influence their decisions: the product quality, the used accessories, warranty, execution time, testimonials, additional benefits, etc.

Tamplarie PVC Ferestre si Usi

But, still, some companies show prices...


Companies which show prices offer windows and doors which have standard forms and sizes and basic accessories. However, if they install a window or door in a larger space thus leaving an open gap, they use expansive foam to fill it in. So, after installation, you cannot modify the size, the look, or correct the quality of the final works. Who's at a loss in this case?


But, our company aims to satisfy the needs of each client, accounting for all metrics. So, each project is personalized and has its own specific cost. 


Obviously, we account for the competition. However, this does not affect the quality of the products and services which we provide, it would correlate with the loss of our trustworthiness level and a negative impact over the satisfaction of our clients.

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