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PVC & Aluminum Windows

PVC Windows

The range of high-quality PVC windows offered by us convert your house into a home.

We guarantee aesthetics flexibility, strong structure and durability with each window.

We’ve created a large variety of products available in different colours, sizes and styles.

Choose any PVC window offered by Intercorp Holdings and enjoy an exceptional quality, safety, energy efficiency and thermal comfort

Ferestre PVC
Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are perfect for a contemporary architecture.

They’re elegant, they have a slim profile but they’re also robust and strong.


They’re extremely easy to maintain and have a high degree of durability.

The aluminum windows offered by Intercorp Holdings are rigorously tested to guarantee exceptional quality for an impressive period of time.

Ferestre Aluminiu

Equipment & Technology

​The products offered by Intercorp Holdings are made using cutting edge equipment and the latest technology in the field of profile production, glazing glass and windows.

  • Measuring the colour and reflection index of the profiles

  • Measuring the contraction degree of the profiles

  • Analyzing the humidity level of the PVC material

  • Analyzing the gelation process

  • Testing the degree of impact resistance

  • Testing the resistance of the corners

  • Static testing

  • Testing the static torsion resistance ​


By using the latest technology we can test the functionality of the joinery in regards to the level of insulation and resistance, permeability, waterproof ratings and resistance against other weather conditions.

Constant control over each step of the production process, investments made for technological advancement and the superior quality of the components used offer Intercorp Holding’s clients increased safety and guarantee perfecting tested and durable products.

Green Approach

Excellence Is A Continuous Process

Intercorp Holding's mission is to offer its clients top quality products.

The products we sell are 100% recyclable due to the properties of the materials which we use. Our partners integrate the strictest standards in the production process of the windows' profiles and glass to fulfill our pledge of contributing to a healthier and cleaner environment. 

We constantly make sure that we upgrade the technologies used to improve the quality of our services and products, which represents the foundation of our offer. 

EU Regulation on Environmental Protection
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