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Tilt PVC Windows

  • Optimum Energy Coefficient

  • Maximum Safety

  • Simple, Double or Triple Glazing 

  • Wide pallet of textures and colours

  • Extended Durability

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Functional Features

Profil Basculanta


For its PVC windows, Intercorp Holdings uses profiles characterized through maximum efficiency and strong structure.

The Rehau profiles are 60 mm wide – 3 cubicles and 70 mm – 5 cubicles.

Deceuninck offers profiles which are 70 mm wide (2 gaskets) and respectively 80 mm wide – 6 cubicles and 3 gaskets. The glass which we install varies in width between 4 mm and 44 mm.

On the other hand, the Salamander profiles are available with widths of 76 mm (7 cubicles) or 92 mm (6 cubicles). We can install double or triple glazed glass, which increased your safety.

Geam Basculanta


We can install simple, double or triple glazed glass according to the requirements of your project.

Intercorp Holdings offers profiles, from the Salamander BluEVOLUTION range, which allow us to install glass with thickness of up to 52 mm (triple glazing).

And, the heat coefficients have values of between Ug 0.8 W/m2K and 1.8 W/m2K.

Moreover, the accessories offered by Intercorp Holdings increase the level of sound reduction, heat insulation and safety of the PVC windows.

Tehnic Basculanta

Technical Features

Intercorp Holdings offers MACO MM, REZE, and GU fittings. 

However, we can also offer ROTO NT fitting with safety locks, when you choose the Salamander profiles.

Eficienta Basculanta

Energy Efficiency

Our PVC windows have above standard energy efficiency coefficients:

  • Weather Seal: gA (EN1108);

  • Air Seal: up to Level 4 (EN 12207);

  • Heat Insulation: between Uf 1.034 W/m2K and 1.8 W/m2K;

  • Sound Reduction: up to Level 4 (VDI 2719);

Imagine Any Colour

Standard Foil

Wenge | Golden Oak | Walnut

Anthracite Grey | Mahogany




RAL - Mono-Colours/ Duo-Colours

RAL K7.png

Why Should You Choose the Tilt PVC Window?

The stylish and narrow profile increases the degree of natural light which enters your home.

So, first thing in the morning you’ll enjoy the sun’s rays.

The tilt opening is perfect for bathroom windows, semi-basement windows and attics thanks to the lower opening hinges of the profile. The windows only open downwards.

The energy efficiency combined with linear architecture and technical structure represent the foundations of the structures integrated by the tilt PVC windows offered by Intercorp Holdings.

Intercorp Holdings

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