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Navigating on the website means that any user has read, understood and accepted the below terms. reserves its rights to change and update the content of this site at any moment, as well as the Terms and conditions used, without prior notice.


User – any person who visits the website

2.Intelectual Property Rights

The content of the website images, text, online graphic elements, scripts, software, planning rights, model rights, patents, registered brands, is entirely owned by www.tamplarie.casaand its suppliers and is protected by the Copyright Law relating to copyright and connected rights and by the applicable laws relating to intellectual and industrial rights.

The unauthorized use of the above mentioned elements without prior approval and consent from will be punished according to the applicable laws in force. and the logo are registered trademarks of the Company.

Any brand or trademark name used on is not advertising for the respective company. is not responsible and cannot be held liable for the damages incurred by using the content of this website.

4.Restricting access to the website

The users of the website can make comments or any other forms of communications, can send suggestions, questions or information, if the language used is appropriate/ civil and the content of the communications is not legal, obscene, threatening, scandalous, does not harm the personal privacy of other people, does not breach intellectual property rights, does not contain viruses, does not serve other companies’ promotional/ publicity campaigns which are not connected to, are not mass emails or other forms of spam.

Persons who will use a fake (false) email or will send electronic messages or other forms of communications on behalf of other natural persons or companies or in the account of other entities shall be reported to the competent bodies. cannot be held liable/ responsible and cannot be forced/ obligated in any way to cover any damages of any sort or compensations for such communications.

In the case of sending or publishing materials/ documents including texts, replies, reviews etc made by Users, the respective User guarantees their originality and grants to and its affiliates/ associates the unexclusive, unlimited, free, irrevocable and transferable rights to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create related works, as well as the right to distribute, present these forms of content anywhere in the world through any means. The user guarantees that he/ she has full rights over the content he/ she publishes or communicates on the website, through any method (means) so the use of this content will not harm/ cause damages to a third party, whether natural person or company.

6.Promotional Campaigns

6.1.Promotional Codes

The promotional codes offered by through any promotions are valid exclusively for the section mentioned in the email through which the code was sent, except the cases when it’s expressly specified otherwise. Also, some products are included in the “Exceptions” category, products relating to which promotional codes cannot be applied, and can only be purchased at the full price published on the website. The promotional codes can be used exclusively at the moment when the Order is placed, and cannot be used to decrease the value of the order after it has been placed.

One order can only use a single promotional code. The value of transportation, except for cases when it’s mentioned differently, is considered for eligibility for a promotion. The promotions which refer to free or decreased transportation costs are applied to each delivery

In case a promotional code was applied to an Order which could not be fulfilled or was cancelled for any reason, the Client may request the reactivation of the promotional code, respectively only in writing, through an email sent to the address, which should contain the id of the Order, its status, the name of the Client and the promotional code. They reactivate for a period of maximum 30 calendar days.

Attention! The promotions on cannot by aggregated, the largest discount applies. Thus can only be done by deduction (loyalty cards, promotional codes, gift vouchers, percentage discounts on the site, etc) as a rule, except for cases when the promotion states differently. Also, in the case of percentage vouchers, the holder of such a voucher cannot enjoy an aggregated discount by applying the percentage voucher to an already existing discount during a promotion. Certain promotional campaigns do not add to other decreases in price, promotions or loyalty actions. This is specified within the respective campaign’s regulation. unilaterally establishes or in collaboration with certain suppliers the regulations of the promotions and the competitions organized on, which are exclusively published on the website, during the clearly mentioned validity period and according to the available stock. doesn’t guarantee that the products are on stock during the entire period of the promotion and can withdraw the promotion without prior notice.

3.Waiver of liability does not guarantee that the website, the servers on which it is hosted, the emails sent from are virus-free or free from other potentially harmful components, free from errors, omissions, defects, delays or operation or communication interruptions, connection failures or other similar factors. The user uses the website under his own responsibility, www.tamplarie.casabeing free from any form of liability or responsibility for potential direct or indirect damages caused by using, or accessing/ visiting its website or as a result of using the information shown on the website. is not liable/ responsible for the errors or omissions which may incur by editing or presenting/showcasing the materials found on the website.

5.Processing personal details data

Details collected relating to newsletters, alerts are confidential. will select the users to whom it will send newsletters and alerts.

According to Law nr 677/2001 for protection of persons regarding the processing of personal details and free distribution of these details, modified and amended and Law 506/2004 regarding the processing of personal details and the protection of privacy in the field of electronic communications, must process the personal details provided by Users in safety conditions and only for the purposes which are specifically mentions.

The purpose for collecting personal details is: financial-economic management, advertising, marketing, publicity, statistics, electronic communication services.

By filling in the forms on the website, Users unconditionally agree that the data may be included in the database of and that it may be used and processed by, its affiliates and collaborators to perform the above mentioned activities, including but not limited to marketing services providers.

It’s guaranteed that users’ rights provided by Law nr 677/2001 for protection of persons regarding the processing of personal details and the free distribution of these details, respectively the right to be informed, the right to data access, the right to intervene, the right of opposition the right of not being subject to individual decisions, the right to justice in the case of rights infringement. Users may request total or partial deletion of their personal details. The user may request any of its above mentioned rights through a written request, signed and dated and sent to the headquarters of the Company. does not request through any form of communication (phone/email etc) confidential information, bank account details, personal passwords etc from its users. If the user discloses them to a third party he assumes full responsibility for his actions. So, in case such details are disclosed, the User cannot hold liable for any damages.

6.2 Interrupting a promotional campaign

In the case of promotional campaigns organized by, in its capacity of organizer of such promotional campaigns, it may interrupt the Promotional Campaign during its carrying out, with prior notification of the Users and consumers through compliant communication methods (publishing on the website, in-shop signs etc).

The organizer reserves its rights to modify any of the conditions in the regulation of the respective campaign during the carrying out of the campaign for good reason, but not before notifying the public of such modifications.

6.3 Vouchers/ Coupons/ Promotional Codes

6.3.1 General Provisions

Voucher = promotional code, promotional coupon. 

Each voucher is identified through a voucher code and has various requirements for validity and application. Please carefully check all details and information on the voucher so the discount may be granted.

The value of each voucher is mentioned on it.

The transportation and handling taxes are applied to each purchased product, regardless of its value, if the promotions, regulations etc don’t stipulate differently. So, is a voucher requires a certain minimum purchase amount regarding the products, the transportation, handling fees etc apply to these products. A voucher may not be used to pay taxes, delivery fees, handling or other services, except for cases when its agreed as such.

Any product, regarding of the promotion has a minimum value, cannot offer zero value products.

The client shall cover the tax which he is obliged to cover by law, depending on the promotion.

The vouchers are only valid if they’re used on the www.tamplarie.casawebsite. The vouchers forbidden by law will have no value. Vouchers are destined to resale and cannot be converted into cash. Vouchers cannot be replaced if they’re lost, stolen or destroyed.

All provisions relating to fraud, as mentioned on the website are fully applicable regarding fraud relating to vouchers and the attempt of fraud will be brought before the competent bodies.

6.3.2 Conditions of application

Each voucher shall be limited so only one voucher can be used from the same IP address.

Each promotion which involves discount vouchers is limited to one voucher per natural person or company (identified as a client).

Each voucher can only be used once and is valid for a specific period as mentioned in the related terms and conditions, in the email through which the voucher is offered and in the users’ account under the “vouchers” field, or as mentioned in each promotion/ offer. reserves its right to modify or cancel the vouchers at any point, with the prior notification of the clients. No voucher can be applied to other promotions/ offers, except if it’s strictly mentioned in the respective offer.

If the products for which the voucher was granted and for which the client has qualified when the promotion was granted are not purchased, the voucher cannot be applicable. For example, vouchers granted for certain products which were ulteriorly canceled/ returned by the client cannot be considered valid as they only have effect as a discount applied to the products effectively paid for.

The voucher can only be applied to the products/ categories expressly mentioned as eligible for the promotion. The products which are excluded from the promotion are communicated in the terms and conditions and in the specific regulations or special offers under the “exceptions” field. These exceptions are products which legally cannot be sold with a discount.

The promotional offers cannot be aggregated in the same order. Only one discount offer can be used per order.

In the case of orders which comprise several products, the value of the discount voucher is allotted to each product depending on the value percentage of the product from the total value of the order, excluding transportation taxes.

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