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Create Your Entrance With the Perfect Doors

PVC Doors

The increased performance and energy efficiency of the PVC doors offered by Intercorp Holdings highlight and improve your home’s aesthetics and functionality.

The flexibility of our approach towards every single project ensures covering all your requirements.

Aluminum Doors

When you choose our aluminum doors you enjoy superior aesthetics, structural strength, energy efficiency and maximum durability.

We’ll help you capitalize your home’s potential by implementing the latest technologies in the industry and through hour expertise.







The doors offered by Intercorp Holdings integrate balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Along with top quality materials, we use modern systems and equipment to ensure the precision and distinction of each door.

Regardless of the style or model of door you choose, you’ll enjoy the superiority and adaptability of the integrated technological process.

Quality Control

Excellence Is A Continuous Proces

Intercorp Holdings’ mission is to offer top quality products to all its customers.

The doors we offer are certified by the competent institutions in Romania and in Europe.

That’s how we confirm the implementation and compliance with the quality management regulations and the rules for environmental protection.

Sustainability is the core of all the production stages for the products offered by Intercorp Holdings.

We account for the high expectations of our clients, that’s why we constantly engage all our efforts to guarantee extreme quality and optimize efficiency.

Clarity Precision

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