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  • Stylish and elegant designs 

  • Heat and energy efficiency

  • Variety of textures and colours

  • Safety above International Standards

  • Increased durability

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Interior Doors

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Exterior Doors

Your Comfort.                 

                      Our Pledge.

Our PVC doors showcase the latest technology innovations in the industry.

Intercorp Holdings' signature comprises rigorous and strategic selection of the PVC doors it offers to guarantee its' clients unique and instant solutions.

Why Choose the Windows Offered by Intercorp Holdings?


Warmth, Comfort, Practicality

The PVC doors which we offer may include up to 3 sheets of glass so the energy efficiency of your home will increase by 50%.

So, the investment you make now will help you save money by decreasing your home's maintenance costs.

Our PVC doors are easy to clean and we offer you special maintenance products created to optimize the quality and performance of our doors.

Balance and Silence

Not only will you enjoy the energy efficiency of the PVC doors we offer but you'll also enjoy absolute silence and perfect balance.


Our doors offer are extremely soundproof thanks to the special structure of the glasses used. 

After a day in the office, you can completely relax in your home. The doors are especially planned for each client. Your relaxation is our promise.


Strength and Safety

The doors which we offer have special multi-point closing systems and special fittings.

Moreover, the fitting of the glass on the interior side prevents its removal and restricts any attempt of breaking an entering into your home.

Because your safety is our priority, we offer a series of accessories which can be added to the PVC windows and which increases their strength levels which are already over the international standards.

The Systems of the Doors Offered by Intercorp Holdings

Deceunink Legend


Legend System

Profile Width: 80 mm

Nr. of Cubicles: 6

Nr. of Gaskets: 3

Fitting: MACO MM, REZE, GU

Glazing Bead: Single Claw, PCE Gasket 

Glass Thickness: 24, 30, 36, 44 mm

Heat Coefficient: Uf 1.17 W/m2K

Standard: EN12608 

The Legend system stands out through the structural elements which ensure sound and heat insulation, strength and optimum sealing of the PVC window. 

The 80 mm width allows for triple glazed glass to be installed which guarantees minimum values of the heat conductivity coefficient. 

Rehau Euro 70


Euro Design 70

Profile Width: 70 mm

No. of Cubicles: 5

Gaskets: 2

Fitting: MACO MM, REZE, GU

Air Seal: up to Level 4

Weather Seal: up to Level 9

Heat Coefficient: Uf 1.3 W/m2K -  Uf 1.2W/m2K

Sound Insulation: Up to Level 4

Standard: EN 12208, ENV 1627, EN 12207

The elegant aesthetic and infinite design options offered by the Rehau Euro Design 70 profile make sure your home looks amazing.

The PVC windows built with Euro Design 70 profiles are extremely strong, they have high energy performance and ensure maximum sound insulation.
Deceunink Zendow


Zendow Delux System

Profile Width: 70 mm

No. of Cubicles: 5

No. of Gaskets: 2 

Fitting: MACO MM, REZE, GU

Gasket: Single Claw, PCE Gasket

Glass Thickness: 4, 20, 24, 30, 36, 44 mm

Heat Coefficient: Uf 1.3 W/m2K, Uf 1,4 W/2K

Standard: EN12608

The Zendow Delux system is perfect for highlighting the architecture of your home. The system stands out through adaptability and exceptional performance. 

This system ensures top level soundproofing thanks to the 5 interior cubicles. The multi-chamber structure guarantees you enjoy a comfortable and quiet home.

Salamander BluEVOLUTION



Profile Width: 92 mm

No. of Cubicles: 6

Height of the profile structure: 118-168 mm

Gaskets: 2 cushion gaskets and 1 middle gasket

Fitting: ROTO NT, with safety locks

Glass Thickness:  24 mm (double glazed), 52 mm (triple glazed)

Heat Coefficient: Uf 1.034 W/m2K 

Standard: ENV 1627 

The Salamander BluEvolution profile stands out through the strong construction thanks to the 6 chambers system and the 92 mm depth. 

The increased strength, superior efficiency and high level of sound and heat insulation situate the Salamander BluEVOLUTION profile among the top profiles with class A performance. 

Rehau Euro 60


Euro Design 60

Profile Width: 60 mm

No. of Cubicles: 3

No. of Gaskets: 2

Fitting: MACO MM, REZE, GU

Heat Coefficient: Uf 1.6 W/m2K

Sound Isolation: up to sound insulation level 4

Air Seal: up to class  4

Climate Seal: 9A

Standard: EN12207, EN 12208, VDI 2719

The elegant and smooth surface of the Rehau Euro Design 60 profiles adds value to your home's look. The double seal prevents climate factors from entering your home, maintaining an ideal living space.

The durability and stability of this system's features are guaranteed through the advanced technology used in processing the technical components.
Salamander Streamline



Profile Width: 76 mm

No. of Cubicles: 7

Height of the profile structure: 118-168 mm

Gaskets: Double (weldable)

Fitting: ROTO NT, with safety locks

Glass Thickness: 24 mm (double glazed), 40 mm (triple glazed)

Heat Coefficient: Uf 1.156 W/m2K 

Standard: ENV 1627 

The Salamander Streamline Hepta includes a system with 7 cubicles which stands out through optimum strength ensured by the depth of the structure. 


The superior performance and flexibility of this profile allows you to choose the right joinery for your home.


Tips & Inspiration.

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Our specialists offer you practical tricks and efficient methods to maintain your PVC doors.

Tips from Our Experts


What style of door is suitable for my home?


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